Male Big One

Female Big One

Not So Big One

Big, aren't they?

The male tips the scale at over 175 pounds! He was a magnificent creature when he was young, but now he's old and cranky. He growls at us a lot. He's not very bright.

The female is the intelligent one. We've taught her lots of tricks, like Feed us. NOW! and Clean the litter box and Make a lap! She learns very quickly. Not at all like the male, who's really pretty useless in the Useful Tricks department.

The female's ears twitch when one of the other ones makes a noise like Helen. Mochi says she knows her name, but I've noticed that she does the same thing when Mochi plays soccer with the water bowl. I've read studies that say chimps can learn simple phrases, but really ... expecting the same thing of Big Ones? I don't think so.

Both of the Big Ones are domestic shorthairs (which is a nice way of saying strays that followed us home)

The Not So Big One is some kind of foreign breed. The Big Ones make a noise like Aiko when they see her. It's really cute.

They're fun to have around the house.