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Station #27:  Tateba or dechaya were small, simply built teahouses or refreshment stands.  They offered light shelter and were generally located so as to offer a special view of the countryside.  Hiroshige shows two kago bearers who have stopped to rest, perhaps discouraged because they don't have a passenger.  Travelers rode inside the basket they slung between their shoulders.  Inside the teashop a hikyaku (mail courier) is resting and smoking a pipe, perhaps listening to the bird perched jauntily on the sign post.  \n\nImage Copyright: Minneapolis Institute of Art Travel by kago is a thing of the past.  (Thank goodness!  See #52 Kusatsu.)  We checked out the old Tokaido stations in the Nagoya area by car, thanks to Junichi Kosaki.  This is the very modern Hamamatsu Service Center on the Tomei Expressway. It's not Fukuroi, but it shows how traditions have adapted to new technology. Now families rest on benches sprinkled on the edge of the parking lot.  On the other side of the service area were sweeping views of Lake Hamana.  The covered area you see in the back to the right were the handicapped spaces. Travelers have a wide selection of traditional treats from hanpen (fish cakes) to ice cream.  If you want coffee, you can choose from Starbucks or Seattle's Best - I kid you not. I was very impressed with how well dressed the travelers were - we saw business attire and suits - on a Saturday!  Even the busloads of tourists were fashionably dressed.